Job Details

Job Title: Lead Printing Services
Job Code: L21343
Company Name: Cherry Creek Schools
Contact Person: Tim Waltz
Contact Phone: (720)886-5840
Contact Fax:
Contact Email: twaltz@cherrycreekschools.org
Department: Printing Services
Job Location: Aurora, Colorado
Job Type Full Time
Salary: -
JobDescription: JOB DESCRIPTION: Assists with the supervision of staff and processes within Printing Services. Manages and administers printing policies and procedures dealing with all aspects of Printing Services. Oversees the completion of printed materials. Knowledge of all disciplines of Printing Services to include graphic design, digital printing, and bindery. Ensures that all products meet quality standards of the customers and the department. Develops and promotes good community relations among various community and school clientele. Attends and supports management meetings as necessary and in the absence of the printing services manager.

1. Associates or Bachelor’s degree preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience
2. Knowledge of supervisory concepts and application
3. Ability to communicate effectively
4. Ability to work cooperatively with others
5. Basic math (add/subtract/multiply/divide)
6. Knowledge of printing equipment operations
7. Knowledge of basic equipment maintenance and repair
8. Knowledge of and ability to work independently in print/layout;
bindery; printing support; black and white and color printing.
9. Knowledge of graphic design
10. Knowledge of and ability to work independently in all areas of
customer support including receiving and processing orders, billing
11. Operational knowledge of Windows operating system including MS Office Suite
12. Familiarity/knowledge of website storefronts including, but not limited to catalog file management, cost components, reporting, and user maintenance.

1.Oversees and assists in design, print production, customer service, and bindery
2. Sets up, adjusts, and operates bindery and finishing equipment.
3. Leads and trains employees in operations including bindery and finishing of printed materials.
4. Assists in supervising Printing Services personnel and overseeing daily operations
5. Coordinates work schedules to meet deadlines
6. Services, repairs, and cleans equipment. Coordinates service vendors as needed.
7. Reviews current production operations and recommends modifications to ensure optimum efficiency and/or fits for custom applications.
8. Maintains production records, shipping records, supply lists, schedules, and other necessary Printing Services records and documentation.
9. Trains employees
10. Schedules and assigns work
11. Provides work directions as assigned from the manager.
12. Assists in hiring of new personnel.
13. Acts as the Printing Services Manager in their absence and/or as required
14. Maintain current knowledge of applicable District policies and procedures
15. Determines requirements and develops training, policy and procedures and other necessary operating documents related to Printing Services.
16. Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE: 3 to 5 years in related field. 1 to 2 years supervisory or lead experience preferred.

Frequent bending, reaching, climbing
Heavy physical effort (lifting up to 50 pounds)
Prolonged standing/walking
Visual concentration on equipment
Rapid reaction to physical changes (e.g., operating equipment)
Good motor skills-hand tools and machinery used daily
Pushing and pulling
Noisy environment
Potentially hazardous environment

WORK HOURS: FROM - 8:00 TO - 4:30
DAYS: 230
START DATE: June 2018
Job Posted On: April 25, 2018
Last Updated: April 25, 2018

Printing Association of Florida
5770 Hoffner Avenue Suite 103
Orlando, Florida 32822
(407) 240-8009