Job Details

Job Title: 2nd Pressman
Job Code:
Company Name: EPI Marketing Services
Contact Person: Carly McHale
Contact Phone: 269-215-0127
Contact Fax:
Contact Email: cmchale@wsitalent.com
Job Location: Battle Creek, Michigan
Job Type Full Time
Salary: -
JobDescription: 40” Second pressman. Support lead operator in all functions. Manage incoming stock, feed press, rule out press sheets, maintain ink and water levels and do routine maintenance.

Job Requirements/ Qualifications:

1. 40” offset press experience - Man Roland 700
2. Working knowledge of the mechanics and capabilities of press.
3. Able to load 40” stock.
4. Mechanical aptitude.
5. Ability to understand written instructions.
6. Frequent lifting, bending and turning.
7. Able to lift 75+ lbs.
Job Posted On: June 25, 2018
Last Updated: June 25, 2018

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